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Re: Usage


Hi Folks,

Is there anybody using zim as a daily journal of activities such that:

*	Activities with and notes about people I encounter during the day
accumulate in one place qualified by the person so I can see the activities
with a person over time and that person's page will have links to people I
think are related -- maybe an index page, maybe a name space, maybe
something else?
*	Activities across a variety of projects similarly accumulate in a
calendar page so I can see what happened on any given day?  This seems
straight forward, but <CTRL>D stamps a date on my current page and creates a
calendar page with no content.

I realize that this will not happen magically, and it may not even be
practical.  I realize that this is close to contact management territory,
and question is sketchy because my goals are not really clear in my own mind
and they will be shaped and become clearer as I understand zim capabilities

Staff Engineer
Hat Trick

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