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Re: Usage


On Mon, Jul 9, 2012 at 11:45 PM, Chris Miller <cjm@xxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Is there anybody using zim as a daily journal of activities such that:
> Activities with and notes about people I encounter during the day accumulate
> in one place qualified by the person so I can see the activities with a
> person over time and that person's page will have links to people I think
> are related -- maybe an index page, maybe a name space, maybe something
> else?
> Activities across a variety of projects similarly accumulate in a calendar
> page so I can see what happened on any given day?  This seems straight
> forward, but <CTRL>D stamps a date on my current page and creates a calendar
> page with no content.

The calendar page will also have a "backlinks" item in the statusbar.
Click this to see what goes there. The backlinks menu that pops up has
"tear-off strip" that allows you to pop it into a small dialog. This
can be used to go over the list one by one.

If I understand correctly what you want is to have a backlink index in
the page itself. This is not possible at the moment, although not
impossible to hack a plugin that could do something like that.

For relations between people also the "Link Map" plugin might be
interesting for you. If you put explicit links on pages to people this
plugin can show a map of how people and projects relate.

To answer the question on usage. What I do myself is I have a
namespace per project where I put relevant information, tasks lists
etc. Per project I have a kind of journal page where I put minutes of
meetings etc. Here I just put a heading with the date on top for a new
entry. I also keep a calendar page per week with time specific tasks.
So I make less use of links for this use case - but I do use tags to
classify task items.

> I realize that this will not happen magically, and it may not even be
> practical.  I realize that this is close to contact management territory,
> and question is sketchy because my goals are not really clear in my own mind
> and they will be shaped and become clearer as I understand zim capabilities
> better.



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