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Behaviour of strikethrough TODO and FIXME in lists


Hi Jaap,

If I put a TODO in a list it shows up nicely in the task manager. When
I go back and apply strikethrough after finishing, it is still showing
up in the task manager.

* TODO 2012-08-13 Check if this behaviour is reported on Launchpad
    * Could not find anything, but maybe it is supposed to be that way by design
    * Ask question on mailing list
    * ~~TODO~~ 2012-08-14 Send email to list
        * 2012-08-14 email sent

I use lists like that a lot. I put the actions and results of the todo
items indented in the list as a todo may trigger another todo and so
on. For history reasons, I don't want to delete the todo, just make it
inactive so I can find my completed items by a regular text search.

If this TODO behaviour is something worth changing, I'll put a report
on Launchpad.

Kind regards,

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