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Re: Thunderbird compatible?


Am 18.08.2012 11:21, schrieb Rui Nibau:
> Hi Michael.
> Le 18/08/2012 09:41, Michael Mulqueen a écrit :
>> You could probably write a new extension to do what you want without
>> much hassle. My (unmaintained) Zim Capture extension may be a good
>> starting point - look at the source code, it's pretty simple. AFAIK I
>> did not use Firefox's SDK, I used the old XPCOM stuff.
> You can also use XPCOM interfaces with Add-on SDK ; that's the only way
> to do some i/o stuff. The point is to know how to use specific
> Thunderbird's API : connect to events (right-click), get some content
> (selected text in a message), etc. I don't know if it's similar to
> Firefox's API (which is, by the way, a simple DOM manipulation).
> Once zim-clip will be stable enough, I'll take a look at Thunderbird
> extension dev.

AFAIK, Thunderbird uses the same framework and gecko engine and stuff.
But I never produced any Extension neither for FF or TB. One day I will.
Hopefully that Jetpack extension system will be stable then.

Greetings, Pete