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Zim 0.57 released!


Dear all,

I'm happy to announce the release of zim version 0.57.

Highlights of this release are a rework of the side panes, allowing
plugins to be
positioned on any side, simpler configuration for external
applications, a critical
bug fix for the version control plugin and fixes for localization on windows. A
number of improvements have been made to the attachment browser, the calendar
plugin and the tasklist plugin. New features include the option to
export to ReST
and two new plugins: one for inserting music scores using GNU Lilypond,
and another for Zeitgeist integration.

Thanks to everyone for contributing patches and filing bug reports. I have been
a bit less responsive, but none the less, there is a steady stream of
coming in.

Sorry for the suggestions and fixes that didn't make it, will try to
make smaller
update releases faster to get more stuff out.

Only thing left for this week is to update the bounty listing on the webpage,
any suggestions how to get more attention for that are welcome.



Full changelog:

=== 0.57 - Mon  8 Oct 2012 ===
* Ported zim background process to use the multiprocessing module
  - this fixes app-indicator issues under Ubuntu Unity
  - adds support for quicknote and other plugins on Windows
* Reworked application framework and "open with" dialog, now also
  allows to set applications per URL scheme
* New plugin for using GNU Lilypond to render music scores - Shoban Preeth
* New Zeitgeist plugin - Marcel Stimberg
* Added template method to iterate days of the week for a calendar page
* Added pythonic syntax to access dicts to template modules
* Added tasklist option to take into account a Mon-Fri work week
* Fixed start of week and week number first week of the year for calendar plugin
* Added "untagged" category to task list
* Fixed strike out TODO label showing up in task list
* Added template editor dialog
* Added support for "forward" and "back" mouse buttons
* Added support for exporting to ReST - Yao-Po Wang
* Added new option to create and insert new attachments based on file template
* Added an argument to the quicknote plugin to import attachments
* Added icons per mimetype to the attachmentbrowser
* Added statusbar button for attachment browser
* Added monitors to watch attachment folder for updates
* Fix drag&drop on non-existing folder in attachment browser
* Fix drag&drop for attachment folder on windows
* Made location of plugin widgets in side panes configurable
  and reworked key bindings for accessing side panes and toggling them
* Made tags plugin to revert to standard index if no tag is selected
* Page completion now matches anywhere in the basename -- patch by Mat
* Patch to use sourceview in imagegenerator dialog - Kevin Chabowski
* Fix for insert symbol dialog to insert without typing a space
* Made image data pasted as bmp convert to png to make it more compact
* Critical bug fix for version control plugin
* Critical bug fix for xml.etree.TreeBuilder API for python 2.7.3
* Bug fix for exceptions in index - Fabian Moser
* Bug fix for interwiki links
* On windows fix for bug when home folder or user name contain
non-ascii characters
* Fixed help manual opens in compiled windows version
* Fixed locale support on windows
* Added translations for Brazilian Portuguese and Romanian

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