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Zim 0.57 with pythonw.exe


I probably represent a minority here, but instead of using the standard
windows installers when they become available, I just do a "bzr pull" and
"bzr update" (in windows) whenever a new release is announced.
 Interestingly enough, with the 0.57 release, I can no longer get zim to
start with pythonw.exe.  I get to the screen where I select which notebook
I want to open, but then the process dies.  Oddly enough, when I run it
with python.exe, it works fine, though I'm left with a superfluous console
window in the taskbar.

I was hoping that python.exe wouldn't work so I could get a useful stack
trace, but it works fine!  Boo!!  And since pythonw.exe doesn't have a
console window, I don't know why its dieing!  Oh the irony.

I know this isn't a lot to go on, but does anybody have a suggestion?  0.56
worked fine with pythonw.exe.


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