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Some quick questions


I recently switched to Zim from really old NoteCase, and I love it, but I have a few quick questions.

First, like someone else on the list I'm running a 0.56 instance on Windows from the tarball using "zim.pyw". That's so I can get the spell checker to work, which it now does, but startup is slow and RAM use seems to be way up over the "zim.exe" method. Is there a better way? In-line spell checking is a killer feature for me, as unfortunately, is Windows for $WORK (Ubuntu otherwise). (And I didn't upgrade to 0.57 due to reported PythonW problems.)

Second, are there key-bindings for list types (on Windows)? I'm aware of "*" and ">" when text is selected, but unlike the CTRL-1, CTRL-B, etc. bindings, those won't change from say checkbox to bullet, which I do a lot.

Third, I love the checkboxes, but it would be nice if there were more options. Specifically, I'd really like something for "in progress". And maybe some others, in decreasing order of importance?

	[~] in progress

	[w] Waiting for someone else
	[#] Comment
	[!] Important (I use CTRL-U now)
	[$] Command to type

	[?] Questionable
	[e] Incoming email
	[E] Outgoing email
	[p] Incoming phone call
	[P] Outgoing phone call
	[c] Con call

These might be handy, but it also might get really tedious clicking through all of those... Just a thought. I'd love [~] though...

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