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Re: Win32: configuration path


On Mon, Oct 29, 2012 at 3:36 PM, klo uo <klonuo@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>>               XDG_DATA_HOME = Dir(
>>                       get_environ('XDG_DATA_HOME', os.environ['APPDATA'] + '//zim//data'))
>>               XDG_DATA_DIRS = Dir(
>>                       get_environ('XDG_DATA_DIRS', os.environ['APPDATA'] + '//zim//data//zim'))
>>               XDG_CONFIG_HOME = Dir(
>>                       get_environ('XDG_CONFIG_HOME', os.environ['APPDATA'] + '//zim//config'))
>>               XDG_CONFIG_DIRS = Dir(
>>                       get_environ('XDG_CONFIG_DIRS', os.environ['APPDATA'] + '//zim//config//zim'))
>>               XDG_CACHE_HOME = Dir(
>>                       get_environ('XDG_CACHE_HOME', os.environ['APPDATA'] + '//zim//cache'))

> I tested these settings, but I'm just not sure about XDG_xxx_DIRS
> variables and their role

The "XDG_xxx_DIRS" variables are lookup paths for system defaults for
files not found in the corresponding "XDG_xxx_HOME" folder. So should
probably include at least the fallback location.

Probably the CACHE variable should go to a folder for temporary data.
Not %TMP% because we want it available longer, but it can be flushed
when space is needed on the system.



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