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Re: Bounty for folding


I would love both folding, and a tree navigation like that in KeynoteNF which can be ordered manually.

I'd like to consider the pros & cons of the tree simply reflecting the document structure, with manual ordering and movement (though I foresee problems!), or of reflecting the folding within the tree also.

I've been using KeynoteNF for a long time, but like Zim and ideally would switch to it, if only it covered some important features of KeynoteNF: - the brilliantly flexible and compact tree structure (with manual organisation). Zim's side-panels are far to spaced out, and don't allow me to organise documents into a heirarchy.
- tabs for different notes (Zim documents?)
- document synchronization (currently I'm using Syncplicity, trying to remember not to have the Wiki open on more than one machine at a time)

The main thing lacking in KeynoteNF for my use case are is folding, although I also prefer the way Zim's uses the filesystem (KeynoteNF stores everything in a single file) because this makes it easier for me to sync across machines using Syncplicity/Dropbox.

The advantages I see for me in Zim are:
- it is actively supported and developing
- more flexible/robust document structure
- more potential for sharing/publishing
- it has some great features that give potential applications

Disadvantage is Windows support being second class (no disrespect to Brendan!)

BTW: Is there a way to indent without numbering/bullets etc?


On 14/11/2012 10:02, jayseye wrote:
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Hello Jaap, and J.A. de Vries -

I'd like to follow up on adding folding to Zim. Have yet to find this
listed on the Wiki, as mentioned below.

Has there been any progress, and/or is there still interest in this feature?

Marc Paul Rubin