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Re: Bounty for folding


On Thu, Nov 15, 2012 at 12:40 PM, jayseye <jayseye@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>wrote:

> Thanks for the reply, Jaap. This is all very encouraging. Working on a
> bzr branch sounds convenient. From now on I'll keep mailing list
> discussions at a higher level.

> Hans mentioned the ability to fold plain indented lists, i.e. with
> neither bullets nor checkmarks. I'm also interested in that, Having
> read your reply, I'd like to confirm that folding normal, indented
> text would be straightforward?

Sure, if you following indenting levels you can be agnostic about what is
being folded. But maybe more practical to limit to bullet lists.
1. Otherwise you get folding icons everywhere
2. You need a syntax to store folding state per paragraph

But lets see what Hans has in mind.

> If so, it sounds like we could potentially use Zim as a folding code
> editor for small Python source files. Does that sound practical?

I've though about it, but I think that is a few bridges to far. I have some
ideas about it, but unrelated to folding in the wiki text.

> Meanwhile it's very late here so I will call it a night. Will explore
> this in detail in the morning, both on the Wiki and in this e-mail
> thread.

OK, good night. Feel free to contact me (and Hans) directly for details.