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Re: Interwiki Link to Help?


On Wed, Dec 19, 2012 at 11:08 AM, jayseye <greinze@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Thanks Jaap, I tested adapting that for a possible typo and, so far,
> the most I've accomplished is to have directories open in my Web
> browser, and .txt files open in my text editor ;->
> First of all, was the plus sign '+' a typo, perhaps resulting from
> your e-mail client?:
>> "zim+file:///usr/share/zim/manual" to urls.list and it should work.
> Also I'm running from the source tree, more specifically, pulled from
> bzr. So what I've actually tested, with and without a trailing slash,
> was adding this line to the end of urls.list (realpath is
> /home/jayseye/Zim/bzr/zim/data/urls.list):
> zim file:///home/jayseye/Zim/bzr/zim/data/manual

It should be:

zim  zim+file///: ...

the "zim+file" URL scheme triggers zim to open it as a zim notebook
rather than a file.

(If this turns out to be broken, please file a bug report + I will add
a memo to myself to put this in the manual)

> Also a working example of the link syntax might help, in case that's
> where I went wrong. Tested so many variations that I'm reluctant to
> post any, and thus confuse folks any further here ;->

If you have above url correctly in the list, the syntax would be



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