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Re: Interwiki Link to Help?


Okay, making good progress now, still might be good to hash out two
quirks here, before reporting them as bugs:

First, when the link is successful, a dialog pops up with the title
"Unnamed" and text starting with, "Upgrade Notebook? This notebook was
created by an older of version of zim.
Do you want to upgrade it to the latest version now?"... When I choose
No, a new, empty Home page is created, apparently as a subpage of the
one specified.

The other quirk may be an issue with the colon embedded in a file://
URL. Here's a representative error dialog:

"Could not find notebook:
After Closing that dialog, the Open Notebook dialog pops up.

Would you like me to file a bug report(s) for these, or to supply more
details here?


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