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GTD Discussion


Would other users be interested in discussing Zim as a tool for GTD
("Getting Things Done," by David Allen)?

Jaap has detailed his own GTD usage in the Zim Manual
<http://zim-wiki.org/manual/Usage/Getting_Things_Done.html>. As he
notes there, users often find their own creative ways to implement

I'd like to explore this in more detail, interactively, and am
wondering where the best forum might be? As a test, I created a topic
in the online Wiki's Playground page

As background, I'm working to implement folding in Zim, as discussed
previously on this mailing list. That project has become more complex
than originally assumed, so of course I'm using Zim to organize my
notes and plans ;->

So this is a chicken-and-egg situation, as I've been using a different
tool for many years, where folding has always been available to help
change focus as needed. If you'd like to participate, I predict an
interesting discussion!

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