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Exporting a Section of Main Notebook And Merging of Notebooks



I generally have a main notebook in which I record all of my stuff.
However, now I am taking a course with a friend, and I want to share
only that course-related pages with my friend. So, is it possible to
export a page and all its subpages and nothing else from the notebook?

While exporting a single page, I have noticed that though the single
page has been exported, the complete index also gets exported. I want
the index only from the current page inwards pertaining to all the
subpages. Is that possible?

If the above two things are not possible, then one of the ways I can
carry my stuff is to create a special note book for the course and
then merge it with my original notebook. In such cases, is such
merging possible? If yes, how to do that?


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