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Still getting "file has changed on disk"



I thought this bug was fixed a long time ago, but maybe I
misunderstood the fix.  I'm using 0.59 and syncing with Dropbox
between a few computers.  The problem is this:

1.  Zim is already running on both systems.
2.  I change a page on one system.
3.  I wait for it to sync to the other system.
4.  I open the Zim window and open the page I just modified on the other system.
5.  It seems that if I had already had that page opened in Zim
earlier, it loads it directly from RAM without checking the copy on
6.  I start editing the page.
7.  Zim tries to save the changes, and then discovers that the copy on
disk was changed by Dropbox, so it pops up the dialog.

Shouldn't Zim check the file on disk when I change to that page, and
read the file from disk if it's changed?  Why isn't it noticing the
change until it tries to save new edits?


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