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Re: Migration from OneNote to Zim


On Thu, Mar 14, 2013 at 5:39 PM, Michael Spranger
<mikeitsecurity@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> How much effort would it take to get that self contained HTML to import into
> zim?  I am not a scripter so I am of no help there.

I got some code to unpack the stand alone HTML, that part is easy.
Next step will be converting the HTML to text while preserving at
least images and bullet lists. Some other markup can be preserved, but
most may get lost. Tables will end up as lines of text.

One limitation I see at the moment for the OneNote importer is that
when I export a section from OneNote I get multiple pages in a single
HTML file. Unfortunately the start of a new page is not clearly marked
in the HTML, so splitting up in multiple pages will not be very



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