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Copy-pasing verbatim text pastes unwanted newline at the end



I'm using Zim 0.59 on Windows 7.

So I write some text over multiple lines and then I format it as Verbatim
with CTRL+T. All good so far. The problem I'm experiencing is when I
copy-paste whole lines from the Verbatim formatted text. The pasted text
contains an additional newline character at the end. This is very annoying
(and possibly dangerous) when pasting in a terminal: the newline causes the
pasted text to be run immediately without the possibility of editing it

I think this is a bug, when I copy the text I don't copy the newline at the
end of the line because I don't move the cursor at the beginning of the
next line.

I hope you understood what I mean, it's kind of hard to explain...

Fita Adrian

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