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Re: Copy-pasing verbatim text pastes unwanted newline at the end


Adrian Fita a écrit :

I'm using Zim 0.59 on Windows 7.

So I write some text over multiple lines and then I format it as
Verbatim with CTRL+T. All good so far. The problem I'm experiencing is
when I copy-paste whole lines from the Verbatim formatted text. The
pasted text contains an additional newline character at the end. This is
very annoying (and possibly dangerous) when pasting in a terminal: the
newline causes the pasted text to be run immediately without the
possibility of editing it before.

I think this is a bug, when I copy the text I don't copy the newline at
the end of the line because I don't move the cursor at the beginning of
the next line.

I hope you understood what I mean, it's kind of hard to explain...

Fita Adrian

When you select, is the last line highlighted to the end of the line ?
If so, you have selected the newline.

To avoid selecting the last newline, when selecting hold the shift key and press the left arrow. The highlight should then terminate at the end of the text instead of end of line, indicating that the newline is no longer selected.

Conversely, if you want to ensure that the newline is selected, sometimes one must press the right arrow so that the entire line is highlighted.

Note that many other applications show the cursor at the beginning of the next line when the newline is selected. Personnally, I think Zim's display is more coherent, although it can be confusing at first.



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