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Zim-clip 0.5.3 on amo (addons-mozilla.org)


Hi all,

Just to tell the community that zim-clip, the firefox addon which gives a way to copy selected text or mark the current page into Zim, is now available on the mozilla addon website :


Have to improve infos in this web page.

Updates will be easier if you install the addon from their instead of my personal website, but as review process can take some time (several days or weeks), you will have to wait to have latest release (0.5.3 is the latest for now).

Addon is quite stable now and works as I expected. There's still a problem on Fedora (and maybe somewhere else ?) as Firefox defines a tmp folder different from the one defined by python (and used by Zim), so 2 zim instances are created if you use the addon when a Zim instance is already opened.

No workaround found for the moment.

I also have to provide an easy way to download and hack sources (wich are of course available in the addon itself) and to report bugs. Probably a launchpad project as I use bzr.

Thanks to jaap to have provide some new Apis in the quicknote plugin to be able to deal with the pictures downloaded by zim-clip for example.

Next step for me : back to python and to some features I started to work on a while back : templates for zim pages and managing different wiki syntaxes.


Rui Nibau
email: rui.nibau@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
im: rui.nibau@xxxxxxxxx
site: http://omacronides.com

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