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Page name in tag index



after the 718 revision (
http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~jaap.karssenberg/zim/pyzim/revision/718) the
tag index shows the whole path of a note, instead only its name, if a tag
is selected.

Take for example a note within several subnotes. If you click on a tag,
you'll only see the beginning of the note's path in the tag index, what is
a usability disaster, because there is not enough space to display the
actual name of the note! The tag index is quite unusable right now for
people with a lot of notes within subnotes, so that the path of a note has
a certain length, that doesn't fit in the, mostly, small side pane.

Was there any rational reason to implement that?

I suggest to restore the old view again, and show the full path only in the
status bar, when the mouse-pointer hovers over the note, like it's already
done with URL and links to other notes. A tool-tip would also be
sufficient, but the small delay until it appears could slow the workflow.
The status-bar solution would work instantly though and therefore should be

If someone, for any reason, desperately needs this kind of view, where the
full path of a note is shown, then there should be at least an option to
switch to the previous view again.

Thanks in advance!

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