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Re: How to specify the width of the editor panel


On Wed, Oct 8, 2014 at 12:58 PM, Didier BRETIN <didier@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> I like to write text in Zim and I like to have no distraction when I
> write. So I setup Zim in full screen mode. And then generaly I setup the
> size of the editor window to approximatively 100 characters.
Sorry, but I'm not clear what you define as the "editor window". In my
terminology a window is a thing you move around on the desktop. So the
window can be full screen. But it can not be full screen and 100 char width
at the same time unless your screen in 100 char width.

Might help if you take a screenshot and put in some arrow what it is you
want to change.



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