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Re: 2. Attempt: Zim Wiki on network drive - File not found...


Hello ZP,

> I'll take a stab Udo...though I'm just a user like yourself. My primary question
> based on the information you've provided: have you mapped the network drive to
>  letter (i.e. W: or Z:)?
> Many programs I use to access a network storage device won't recognize it until
> its mapped properly in Windows.

you made not only my day, but the entire year 2015! That was indeed a fabulous hint
with a network drive. Yep, two eyes and one brain more. Life is sometimes difficult
as lone warrior!

Now I can dig into Zim Desktop Wiki. A new phase in my life...

Many thanks and greetings

On Mon, 05 Jan 2015 23:27:30 +0100
Udo Weik <WeikEngOff@xxxxxxx> wrote:

1. It's not possible to select an network drive via the folder/file
    dialog. So I copied the path from the clipboard.
2. I get the following error message:
    File not found:\\\Network-drive\drive.nas\The-name-of-the-USB-Stick\FolderMain\FolderSub
    Why are there three backslashes shown: \\\Network-drive\...
    And why is the location not found?
3. It's not possible to resume from that error. File notebooks.list in
    must be deleted. That's really inconvenient, especially for a Zim beginner.

Any hints?