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Re: purpose of web server in zim


Hello Martin.

The local Web-Server is an additional nifty feature.

We are using zim books heavily for cooperation. We often copy / paste / merge
zim contents around between different personal and shared zim books.

But there are also workmates that don't (yet) use zim books. In situations
where those people temporarily need actual infos from my local zim books
in a read only manner (think of remote support use case) I just give them access
to the local zim book via the built in WEB Server facility. Exporting a snapshot
version access via some html-server on some other host is tedious in this case.

This exception proves the rule that by definition - as you have correctly stated -
there is NO ACCESS to my local desktop wiki.

So, please, just ignore features that you for yourself are probably
not going to use.

Best regards,


On 04.01.2015 00:44, Martin Vegter wrote:
> Hello,
> I am starting to use Zim as my personal wiki. I have chosen Zim after a
> long and painful selection process, because Zim fit best my idea of a
> personal wiki, and it seemed to be lightweight and minimalistic.
> Now when I am getting to know Zim better, I am a bit
> surprised/disapointed that Zim comes with a build-in webserver.
> I know that the webserver is not running by default. But the sole
> existence of the webserver makes me question the underlying philosophy
> of zim development.
> A personal wiki is by definition personal, not public. There are plenty
> of collaborative, web-server based wikis for shared content editing.
> I see a dividing line between a personal wiki and public wiki. Both have
> their applications and uses, but should be kept separate.
> I find it alarming that there is a button in the menu, which when
> clicked, publishes my personal wiki on It is unlikely that
> I would click it by mistake, and even then, I still have 8080 blocked by
> firewall. But nevertheless there is something in me that does not like
> this idea even in theory.
> I would like to kindly suggest to re-evaluate the decision of whether it
> is a good idea to integrate a webserver into Zim.
> In the meantime, what would be the best way for me to disable the
> webserver on my machine?
> remove zim/gui/server.py and delete the following line from
> zim/gui/__init__.py ?
> ('show_server_gui', None, _('Start _Web Server'), '', '', True), # T:
> Menu item
> I hope you appreciate my feedback
> regards,
> Martin Vegter
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