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purpose of web server in zim



I am starting to use Zim as my personal wiki. I have chosen Zim after a
long and painful selection process, because Zim fit best my idea of a
personal wiki, and it seemed to be lightweight and minimalistic.

Now when I am getting to know Zim better, I am a bit
surprised/disapointed that Zim comes with a build-in webserver.

I know that the webserver is not running by default. But the sole
existence of the webserver makes me question the underlying philosophy
of zim development.

A personal wiki is by definition personal, not public. There are plenty
of collaborative, web-server based wikis for shared content editing.

I see a dividing line between a personal wiki and public wiki. Both have
their applications and uses, but should be kept separate.

I find it alarming that there is a button in the menu, which when
clicked, publishes my personal wiki on It is unlikely that
I would click it by mistake, and even then, I still have 8080 blocked by
firewall. But nevertheless there is something in me that does not like
this idea even in theory.

I would like to kindly suggest to re-evaluate the decision of whether it
is a good idea to integrate a webserver into Zim.

In the meantime, what would be the best way for me to disable the
webserver on my machine?

remove zim/gui/server.py and delete the following line from
zim/gui/__init__.py ?
('show_server_gui', None, _('Start _Web Server'), '', '', True), # T:
Menu item

I hope you appreciate my feedback

Martin Vegter

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