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Re: Different background colour for different notebooks?


Right. It appears what I'm looking for is a property for TextView in style.conf that doesn't exist, or at least is not a 'known property' according to this page on the Zim mailing list...


I tried on the off-chance specifying colour here using both 'background' and 'bgcolor' tags without any luck. Alternately, it would be possible to change background colour in all Zim notebooks using the GTK style options, but that isn't much use to me.

The search continues. Is it worth filing a feature request at this point?

On 01/02/15 11:13, Ringo P wrote:
Okay. Second problem solved first with an embarrassingly easy solution, the 'profile' spec of a notebook's 'properties' allows me to use a separate style.conf for each notebook. Still figuring out background colour. If anyone's around to take pity on me that would be appreciated.

On 01/02/15 10:53, Ringo P wrote:
Most of what I want to ask is in the subject line. Is it possible to change the background colour of a notebook, and is it possible to apply different style options to different notebooks on the same profile?

In (slightly) more depth, my situation is that after five years using a single private Zim notebook I've started also using Zim to build a personal public website using a separate notebook. I'm spending a fair amount of time with both notebooks open, switching between public notes and private notes. It would make my life easier if I could set the background of the public notebook to (say) a light green and the private notebook to (say) a light red.

As far as I can tell at the moment it seems like it may be possible to change the background colour if only I could figure out how. I've noticed the distraction free plugin specifies a different background colour with the tag "bgcolor=" and tried using a similar tag under the main page view section of preferences.conf but that doesn't work.

Using a different set of preferences for each notebook seems more difficult. Is this currently possible, and if so how? If not, is it plausible that it might be implemented in the future and would it be worth filing a bug report/feature request?

Many thanks in advance to anyone who can help point me in the right direction, and many thanks in any case to the developers for an awesome piece of software.


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