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Re: Startup- and shutdown-code


Hello Jaap,

Sorry, but I don't understand the question. Maybe you can be more specific what you want to do ?

mmh, what else can I write?
I want to add some custom code during
- the start of ZIM, e. g. localization settings for the templates (language for date, date/time format)
- before ZIM is quit, e. g. for a backup of the notebooks (copy from server to the local PC)

Many thanks and greetings

On Wed, Jan 21, 2015 at 8:03 PM, Udo Weik <WeikEngOff@xxxxxxx <mailto:WeikEngOff@xxxxxxx>> wrote:


    where/how can I use startup- and shutdown-code. After Zim is started, I want
    to change some localization settings (as startup-code) and before exiting Zim
    I want to save my notebooks (shutdown-code).

    Many thanks and greetings

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