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Update to taskcomment plugin



Updated to V0.55 with bullet and indentation as suggested by Jaap + a little bug fix, if cursor is placed inside a tag.
You can now click anywhere on a task and add a comment and you will get a new line below the task line with a bullet and the correct indentation:

[ ] Provide a plugin to have a comment below a task @Murat

·         comment: [2015-06-23]> Now I will try to understand the tasklist plugin and work my way through the parser to understand how I can show
the comments in the list>


With regards to the task list plugin I wonder what would make more sense:

a)       Show the comments below a task (same as if it is a sub task with a + in front of the main task to fold/unfold )

b)       Show the comments in a separate column (maybe replacing the pages column)

o    If pages column is replaced by comments column, what do you think of showing the pages as a tool tip text on the task?

c)       Make the comments / tasks editable within the task list plugin

Any comments or ideas?