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Use Case: Manage daily tasks



I'd like to share my thoughts with you with regards to daily tasks.

Those of you who already use Zim for task management are aware of the great feature of adding
a task quite easily by adding brackets () in front of a text.

Together with tagging, a due date and a priority which you can add to tasks you can then perfectly manage
your task with the task list plugin as the task list plugin gathers all task spread all over all pages into one view.

If these pages are related to topics this is all great to use. What if you have a task which you can't assign to an existing topic and
it is not worth creating a page for it?

Please try following then:

·         First you need to activate the Journal plugin (I suggest to use days and show the calendar) once

·         Each time you have a task which you can't do right away, select the day within the calendar by when you want to do the task

o   A new page is created with the day number below the months below the year

o   Within this page add this:

TODO: @_DailyTasks

() This is my task which has no direct topic but needs to be done @Murat

() This is another task which I have to do at the same day @Murat

So far so good. Why is this use case worth mentioning ?

First of all, when you start the tasklist plugin and look for the _DailyTasks tag, you will see all your daily tasks with the page names which are basically the due dates.

Secondly if you haven't managed to do the tasks at the due dates, you can easily move the overdue tasks by selection the whole text (including TODO:...) and

right click the mouse and select 'move selected text'. Type in the Year:Month:Day into the dialog to which you want to move the tasks to (click add link if you want to keep the original day).

This gives me a new idea for a plugin which helps you moving all tasks in the Journal which are due to a given new page(date) :)

Have fun!


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