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Re: Use Case: Manage daily tasks


The day I gave up putting due dates in the future on my tasks, my life with
Zim became less date maintenance and more productive work.

My use-case is to set the due date to the day I create the task and never
move it. The task list plugin becomes a list of age. The older a task is,
the less important was it in the first place.

In the task list field 'Labels marking tasks' I usually add 'MAYBE' as a
task tag (not using @maybe as that pollutes my tag space)
When the Journal plugin is enabled, I just hit alt-d and write on that page:

* MAYBE Look into that web page describing how to turn a foo into a bar.

This will show up in the task list under MAYBE and the page name will be
the date when I put it in.
If I happen to want that maybe to go away from the task list either because
I have done it or I don't want to be bothered, I go to the page and apply
strike format to MAYBE. It goes away from the task list, but stays in my
notebook in case I ever do a search for foo or bar.

I like to think that things that once were important, will be important
again, so I never delete anything if I can help it. Just hide it a bit by
striking it out.

On topic pages, I sometimes put in FIXMEs (must happen soon), TODOs (should
be done) and MAYBEs (done at my own discretion) in nested list.

* TODO [d:2015-06-23] Write a serious document about my revolutionary zim
    * TODO [d:2015-06-24] Try out some of Murat's plug-ins

Show up as nested todos in the task list.

I keep separate topic pages for each project I work on. If I do something
notable on a task, I hit alt-d to bring up a journal page of today, and
pull in a back-link from the project topic page and start typing my
If I happen to do something revolutionary on another task, I pull a link
from that page also, separating tasks with a few newlines.
Now the project topic page will have backlinks to each day with notable
findings. By opening the backlinks in tear-off mode, I can walk through my
jottings on the project in a comfortable manner.
This work habit has lead to opening a journal page for each day just to
document which project I am working on, even if I don't have so much to
write. There is always something to note down.


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