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Zim for Windows: gtkspell isn't going to work


I just released the 0.63 build of Zim for Windows. See my previous

I was looking at lp:984668 "Getting spell check working on Windows" and
it looks like this isn't going to happen with the "gtkspell" Python
module that is currently used by the Spell Checker plugin.

The only binary for gtkspell for Windows is for Python 2.6 and it's
buried in an HTTP share from the GRAMPS project. Upstream, it looks like
gtkspell for Python comes from gnome-python-extras, which has no
official Windows builds that I can find -- nor could I find any hint of
how I could build the library myself on Windows.

It looks like what we should be using instead is the gtkspellchecker
module for Python, which is easily installed from PyPI. According to its
manual, it provides a "legacy API" for gtkspell, but after some quick
fiddling with Zim's spell.py I couldn't get it to work.

To get spell checking working in Windows, we need to port Zim's Spell
Checker plugin from gtkspell to gtkspellchecker. Probably not a big job
for anyone who understands Python and GTK.

Brendan Kidwell