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Request for Enhancement - zim Linux - Always on Visible Workspace ?



on Linux, when zim starts, it is associated to the current workspace. Because of this, to use it I must jump back and forth from the workspace I am currently in. In order to have it available on all my four workspaces I need to manually select a GNOME option (right click on zim in the taskbar then choose "Always on Visible Workspace"). This must be done everytime zim starts.

Looks like it is possible to permanently set this application's attribute using some linux add-on (compizconfig-settings-manager I think) which is not available, at the right level, for my linux distribution - RHEL 6.6.

If I am not wrong python (pygtk) has an API to set this attribute - the stick method. Would it be possible to have zim using this method to implement programmatically an "Always on Visible Workspace" option?

I would be happy to try patching the code myself if I only knew where to mess it.

Thank you,

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