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Re: New Plugin: BookmarksBar


Pl, thank you for the nice BookmarksBar plugin, very useful!

One question please - I just installed it under RHEL following JP Vossen manual procedure. Everything went OK and I am able to use BookmarksBar. What happens to me though is that bookmarks disappear if I shut zim down. Is this normal? Are bookmarks supposed to be persistent across zim recycles?

Thanks in advance,

On 09/05/2015 10:27 AM, Pl wrote:> As far as Zim 0.60 is concerned I didn't tried it but as I know it uses
> different API for plugins so it is unlikely that you can launch the
> plugin in 0.60.
> In case of Linux Mint you should use another directory for plugin and
> icon: '/usr/share/zim/plugins' and '/usr/share/zim/pixmaps' (and there
> is no need to change line-endings in the plugin file).
> So I tried to launch the plugin on Linux Mint 17 (Zim 0.63 from ppa) and
> it worked.
> By the way, there is a new version available.
> Regards, Pl

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