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Re: Delete Namespace


Dne 13.9.2015 v 09:47 Jaap Karssenberg napsal(a):
Maybe in the search dialog towards the bottom there could be a button
"show X more results from the archive". )

Definitely. I want to search through my archive and I'm doing it - that's very important (at least for me). Archived project are my knowledge base...

Which of these options does most justice to the history in which these
pages are archived ?

I think it's super easy - it's wiki! So let's create some namespaces.

The archive function in Thunderbird is super easy - just press 'a' and the message will be moved to Archive/2015 folder (automatically created). But there are by principle no duplicates which we could have in Zim.

We have some 'Date' namespace (Calendar plugin). So let's have an 'Archive' namespace a let the user choose the way s/he wants to organize the items within - daily, monthly, weekly:

Archive:2015:08:01:Foo parent:Foo child 1
Archive:2015:08:02:Foo parent:Foo child 1

It's a kind of versioning. I think you cannot just rename the page because there could be some other data (folder) as well. We want to archive the stuff but not to alter it. So let's move it to a structure.

(If you decide to archive one page, then to create it again and then to archive it again - you'll have a namespace conflict. You'll have to wait one day ;-))

I'd like to see some automatic way to organize items in the archive (like Thunderbird does). I'll use it few times a month so I'll be happy with a month namespace Archive:2015:08:Foo

What do you think?


Vlastimil Ott


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