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Synchronize picture size with actual zoom factor (feature request)


Use case: Workshops.

Zim books now are appreciated to be very good for interactive workshop presentations.The material may go into as much detail as needed with perfect hierarchical navigation. This is rated as complementary to otherwise read-only bulky PP advertisings.What about pictures?=====Photos and screenshots are already there to be embedded in a zim book. You may change their displayed size (thumbnail preview / (any medium size preview) / full-size version) with right-click "Edit Properties" dialog or Ctrl-E with the cursor at picture position. Good to know.What about vector graphics?=====Zim allows any application (OpenOffice suite, ...) and in particular of course inkscape for creating scalable vector graphics. Scaling the size is done equally as with other pictures. BTW, allow me to share a nice article in this context:  10-tips-for-better-diagrams-in-inkscape  http://lightcastletech.com/10-tips-for-better-diagrams-in-inkscape/Zooming in/out=====At presentations a common but still nifty feature is Ctrl "+" and Ctrl "-" for zooming in and zooming out. This is typically known by many other applications and browsers.--- But wait --- there is a difference.Ctrl-P saves a temporary html version of a zim page and invokes the browser on it. Within the browser the zooming in and zooming out works as expected, whereas within zim only font size is changed, not the embedded pictures or svg graphics.Because picture size is already there as locally configurable attribute of the linked picture I'd like to propose (a preferences switch?) to allow the synchronization of all picture sizes with the actual font zooming factor, given there is some default mapped to 100% (factor 1.0).Of course there is the work around with html export, but having this feature built in within zim would give it another asset with great benefit. What do you think?Best regards, and thanks a lot!,    Andreas