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Re: curly brackets, escape them?


On 11/07/2015 01:04 PM, Bo Grimes wrote:
> Using Zim 0.63 on Windows 10 I have no problem with curly brackets
> {}, but I may not understand their purpose.

I have a page where I keep a list of Wikipedia templates.

	{{copy edit-inline|for=concision}}
	{{copy edit-inline|for=redundant}}
	{{copy edit-inline|for=long, break up}}
	{{copy edit-inline|for=grammar}}
	{{elucidate}} # to mark phrases/sections which require explanation for general readers

Could you add this to a zim page, close zim, and then reopen it and see if they survive?

I've attached a screenshot of the source of the page and the broken rendering in Zim. (I'm still using 0.60 because of some other bugs in recent versions.)

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