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CTRL-Home not working on 0.65?


I've noticed that CTRL-Home is going to start-of-line rather than
top-of-file in Zim 0.65.  I know 0.64 had CTRL binding problems but I've
not heard of this one.  Is is something on my side?  Can't think of
what, and I don't recall changing anything relevant, but...

Home, CTRL-Home, End, CTRL-End all work as expected in other apps, e.g.
gedit.  But in Zim both Home, CTRL-Home now go to start-of-line, while
End, CTRL-End work as expected.

Running 0.65~ubuntu14.04.1 from PPA on Mint 17.  I've restarted Zim, and
the following looks OK:
~/.config/zim$ grep -i 'home' accelmap*
accelmap:; (gtk_accel_path "<Actions>/GtkInterface/open_page_home"
accelmap.ORIG:; (gtk_accel_path "<Actions>/GtkInterface/open_page_home"

I'm surprised I'm the only one noticing it, which makes me think it's on
my side somehow.  Confirm or clues?

Otherwise, the "verbatim" trick seems to be working for Ansible code
snippets containing lots of {{ J2var }} entities.  It could certainly be
a PBCAK but I'd swear in <= 0.63 Zim was re-writing (and thus breaking):
This:	''group: name={{ item.key }} gid={{ item.value.id }}''
To:	''group: name=''{{ item.key }}'' gid=''{{ item.value.id }}

And I'm really loving the BookmarksBar, +1 for that to be included in main.

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