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Task List Plugin - Marking tasks done ?



I have a basic [read: stupid] question about the "Task List"
In my main zim wiki I have a "AAAA To Do" page where I keep a
list of all the things to do. Tasks are added to the list in no special

I then use the "Task List" plugin to see them in priority order
(thanks to the ! tag). From the plugin, when a task is complete I have
to go to the "AAAA To Do" page to just mark it done, and go back to the
plugin to look at the next one. It would be nice to have a way (button,
key, whatever) to mark tasks complete directly from within the plugin,
avoiding to go back and forth. 

Is this a reasonable request? I had a
look at the manual, but couldn't find anything similar. 

Maybe my way
of managing of tasks is not the expected one and I should just change
how I do things? 

Comments appreciated. 

Thanks in advance, 


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