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Ignore attached subtree to not contain zim pages, how?



What about attaching a subtree within a zim book which is ignored by
zim, say, not handled as pages?

I've searched in the zim bug tracking and mailing list articles and found
this article:
   Best way to store directories  (2015-02-16)

There could be a simple solution as to mark such a special attachment
directory with a file ".zimignore" therein which tells zim to ignore this
and all subdirectories with respect to the index. There are no directories
meant to be displayed as zim pages.

What do you think? This would be a cool feature.

Of course you can link to data outside of the zim tree, which likewise
is a drawback: it's outside of the zim book. ...

Thanks a lot,


zim 0.60 Ubuntu 14.04

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