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Custom command won't run bash script


I'm using zim 0.62 on debian and playing with custom commands. I can get
some very simple things working, like "bash -c ls" but at this point I
have a simple bash script which I can't get to run.

The custom command is currently "/usr/local/bin/bash ~/bin/zim.sh"
(which contains "echo blah"). I have "replaces selection" checked.

When I execute it the command deletes the selection (ie no output) and
as I'm using "zim -D" I see the following console output:

INFO: Running: ['/usr/local/bin/bash', '~mrh/bin/zim.sh'] (cwd: None)
WARNING: /usr/local/bin/bash: ~mrh/bin/zim.sh: No such file or directory

If I execute "/usr/local/bin/bash ~/bin/zim.sh" in the console I get the
expected output "blah".

Any ideas?



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