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Links to certain subtitles


Dear Zim-Team,

I'm wondering if it's possible to have links in the following way:
Considering two pages A and B, they both contain subpages A.a, A.b, etc. and subtitles A.1, A.2, etc.
To have a link "page A --> page B" and vice versa is obviously done easily.
Even links like "page A --> page B : subpage B.x" are working out quite well.

Now, I would like to have the links to be more specified, e.g. link "page A : *anywhere* --> page B : subtitle B.2" or "page A : subpage A.a : *anywhere* --> page B : *any subpage* : *anywhere*" even "page A : subtitle A.x --> page A: subtitle A.y".

Is my request possible in the present syntax?

I actually got the idea from pdf's, in which it's possible to have references to equations and when clicking on those numbers (like: "see eq. [3]"), you get immediately to the corresponding equation (like eq. 3).

I wish you a nice day!

Sebastian Spaniol

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