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path link checking plugin


I've written a plugin to check that the target of a file link exists (see prototype attached).

However, I'd like to turn the broken links a different color by accessing the gtk.TextTag corresponding to the link and changing the style with something like

tag.set_property('foreground', 'red')

Unfortunately, I am having some difficulty finding the actual TextTags in the parse tree. Right now I am using tree.findall(zim.formats.LINK) to get all the links, but the node.tag property is just a string, not a TextTag.

Any suggestions?

Nathaniel Beaver

P.S. Here is the GitHub page if it helps:


and here is the relevant bug report:

#!/usr/bin/env python
# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-

'''Path check plugin based on zeitgeist-logger plugin.'''

import sys
import os.path
import urlparse

from zim.plugins import PluginClass, ObjectExtension, extends
from zim.signals import SIGNAL_AFTER
import zim.formats
import zim.parsing
import logging

import inspect

logger = logging.getLogger('zim.plugins.pathcheck')

class PathChecker(PluginClass):

	plugin_info = {
		'name': "Path Checker", # T: plugin name
		'description': "Checks for broken paths in links.", # T: plugin description
		'author': "Nathaniel Beaver",

class PageViewExtension(ObjectExtension):

	def __init__(self, plugin, pageview):
		self.plugin = plugin
		self.connectto(obj=pageview.ui, signal='open-page', handler=self.on_open_page, order=SIGNAL_AFTER)

	def yield_link_nodes(self, page):
		tree = page.get_parsetree()
		if tree:
			for node in tree.findall(zim.formats.LINK):
				href = node.attrib.pop('href')
				link_type = zim.parsing.link_type(href)
				yield link_type, href, node

	def on_open_page(self, ui, page, path):
		logger.debug("Opened page: %s", page.name)
		for link_type, href, node in self.yield_link_nodes(page):

			if link_type == 'file':
				if href.startswith('file://'):
					path = urlparse.urlparse(href).path
					path = os.path.expanduser(href)
				if not os.path.exists(path):
					logger.debug("Broken path: %s", path)

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