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Contributing to solve the problems of installing zim on MacOS


Installing and using zim on MacOS has some minor problems
that, having a Mac among the machines in which I use zim through dropbox,
I would like to see solved. In particular, I would like to have a
simple and smooth installation.
I'm often backwards on my zim version on Mac just because I worry of
having probelms
and not getting the newer version to work.
I've sometimes read that the main reason for these minor problems is that Jaap
has no access to a Mac machine to just tune the zim installation for MacOS.
If this is really the problem, I propose that Mac users contribute to pay for
renting a Mac for Jaap (or for whoever could do the job) whenever it
were needed.
Is this an option? Personally I would be ready to contribute as of now.


Agustin Lobo

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