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Use zim to structure html pages?


I have some html pages that I create as output of Rmarkdown (R code
with markdown formatting).
I wish put them in a structured way as subpages (and sub-subpages) of
a main page
I wonder if I can use zim for that.

By now, what I do Is creating a main page (let's say, MyMain) and then
subpages and sub-subpages in zim. I put a link to a given html page in
each subpage and
then I use Export/Single page with Include subpages.

This is not bad but it is not nice.

Is there a way to actually include the html page within a zim subpage,
thus avoiding the link?
Or set the link in the Subpage in the Index?

Alternatively, if anyone has an idea on how to organize i.e. 20
existing html pages
in a tree structure, suggestions welcome.


Agustin Lobo