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workaround for clipboard breaking in Windows with Zim and VirtualBox


For years, I've had a problem I couldn't diagnose any further on all my
Windows machines: If a VirtualBox VM is running, and Zim for Windows is
running, sometimes -- often -- Zim suddenly can't write to the clipboard
and also separately the VirtualBox daemon in the guest OS can't read
from the clipboard.

I suspect this is a problem with GTK2, which hasn't seen much
development work in over 5 years. I think I've had the problem with
other GTK apps built for Windows.

I found a workaround last night: Cygwin contains a well-packaged build
of XOrg for Windows, an XDG menu application (for presenting XDG desktop
launchers in an icon on the Windows system tray) and Zim 0.65.

Running Zim for Unix under Cygwin makes my clipboard problem go away.

Brendan Kidwell