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zim 0.65 problem with index in template


Hi all, since I upgraded to the latest version I've been having problems with my templates. Given the following command:

ird:~/tmp$ /usr/local/bin/python /Users/reagle/bin/zim-0.65/zim.py --export --recursive --overwrite --output=/Users/reagle/joseph/zwiki --format=html --template=~/tmp/zim-0.65/data/templates/html/Default.html /Users/reagle/joseph/zim --format=html --index-page index

The link to the index is broken, no matter whether I:

	[ <a href='[% uri(navigation.up) %]'>Up</a> ]
	[ <a href='[% uri(navigation.home) %]'>Home</a> ]
	[ <a href='[% uri(links.get("index")) %]'>Index</a> ]


In the index case, the file simply doesn't exist except at the root level.
In Up and Home, even if I test for those variables, the link that gets generated is None.