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import/sync with web apps (todoist, evernote)


Hi guys, I'm re-sending this email because it didn't get through the first time. If this is not true, sorry for double posting.

Dear all,

since this is my first post, please let me briefly introduce myself:
I'm Steffen, I'm a PhD student from Zurich and I've been using ZIM since
May for almost all of my work-related and private notes.
I think ZIM is an amazing piece of software; there are some rough edges
and features I would like and which I'm eager to do some hacking on.

I'm interested in interfacing ZIM with web applications.
Most urgent for me, and what I'm planning to do soon, is an importer
from Todoist[1], because that's my primary way of capturing notes on the
go. I might also write an importer from Evernote later. These should
both be easy tasks because both apps have an API and ZIM's wiki syntax
is easy to generate.
Two-way syncing is more delicate, but it would also open up a whole
array of new use cases, and could help bring ZIM to mobile until there
is a proper ZIM app.

My question is if there has already been a discussion on import or sync
that I could use as a starting point.
Is there already a piece of infrastructure that could support one of the
two operations?
Do you think two-way sync is achievable and/or useful?
All thoughts are welcome!


[1] http://todoist.com -- A to-do list manager.

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