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Tip: Link from book A page X to book B page Y



A long cherished wish was a method to link from
   book A page X     to
   book B page Y

This is not directly possible with some linking syntax.

Method 1:
  1) Copy destination link from the index pane within destination book.
     # add prefix ":", e.g.   ":30.Software:Editors"
  2) Paste this string to source book, source page, with some comment there
  3) Note also the destination book so you know where to go

  4) Do it:
     Within book A copy the string into clipboard
     Then go to book B, Ctrl-J  (Menu: Go / Jump To)
     Paste the clipboard (path to page), enjoy.

Method 2 (Tested with Linux):
  1) zim may be launched with book and page as command line parameters
     zim /home/xx/xx/xx/book  ":30.Software:Editors"
  2) Copy the above line from source book, source page to a shell; enjoy!

Method 2) is much simpler and all I need. Also thought about a custom tool
that gets a marked region as command line to be launched, but I like
KISS more than that, just keep it simple and smart.