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Merged changes for new release


Dear all,

The work of last few months is merged in the trunk archive now. This will
be the basis for a new release towards the end of this month. It is
available for testing via the PPA

Also translations need update (translation file should be synchronized
shortly) see https://translations.launchpad.net/zim

Main changes:
- Rewrote index, should solve a number of outstanding issues, for example
filtering the tag index should be much faster now
- Rewrote the way zim processes communicate, should get rid of a number of
startup issues.
- Refreshed the tasklist plugin, supports side pane view now and start
dates for tasks, see manual page for new date syntax
- New checkbox type for "migrated" tasks
- Horizontal lines supported in wiki format
... and a few I forgot probably, will write a more detailed changelog for
the release ...



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