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Re: Wiki editable on one machine, not on another


Thanks Mukli - that gave me a clue on where to look next.

So, good news / bad news.

Good news, I found a workaround, and have come up with a pretty reliable reproduce case.

Open Zim.
BAD: Notebook1 opens, but cannot be edited. No new pages or sub-pages can be created, and the Notebook Editable is toggled out.
Close Zim.
Delete folder C:/Users/<username>/AppData/Local/Microsoft/Windows/INetCache/zim
Open Zim.
GOOD: Zim starts, opens the correct default notebook (Notebook1), and it is editable! New pages, sub pages, no problem!
Close Zim. (Note that the folder deleted above has been recreated.)
Open Zim.
BAD: the problem has returned.

So, as long as that folder exists on startup, the notebook is not editable.

The really weird thing is that I tried from the leaf nodes of that folder, to track down EXACTLY what file is causing the problem, and it's THAT FOLDER. Not the index.db, not the state.conf file, and no folder along the path between the deleted folder (above) and the leaf folder.

The only thing I can think of that might be odd is that the name of the folder with the index in it is notebook-X_Dropbox_<foldername>_<notebook name>. I checked, and the complete pathname is 107 characters, so even adding 10 for the filename should be no problem with long paths under Windows.

So, at least I have a workaround, and hopefully it will help someone pinpoint the problem, knowing that there's a very specific folder that causes the problem.

Does that jiggle any new thoughts loose?


(Other info that I don't think is relevant:
Windows 10, on an Acer Switch Alpha 12 tablet. The notebooks are in the "X" drive, which is a boxcryptor mount point that decrypts an encrypted folder in Dropbox, which is shared among multiple computers.)
On 4/26/2017 10:46:39 PM, Mukli Krisztián <krisztianmukli@xxxxxxxx> wrote:
I don't know why can't you edit the notebook, but you can try delete the AppData/Local/Temporary Internet Files/zim/zim/NOTEBOOKNAME folder (NOTEBOOKNAME is name of your notebook, of course). This is the real index used by Zim, and sometimes keep some old information, which is not updated other ways. After that start Zim, and use Tools/Update index menu. Maybe help, maybe not.
For encryption I am experiencing encfs (now cross-platform), but I have some problems, because obfuscated filepath can longer than 256 chars, which is not supported on Windows (or not OOB), and Cryptomator, which is a very similar tool. I'm waiting for Cryfs, it is promising solve that problems, but it linux-only this time.

Mukli Krisztián
mail: krisztianmukli@xxxxxxxx [mailto:krisztianmukli@xxxxxxxx]
web: www.mukli.hu [http://www.mukli.hu]
27.04.2017 00:14 időpontban Aaron Cammarata ezt írta:
Hi all -
First off - thank you for Zim - to the authors and to everyone who's contributed!
I use Zim on Windows 10, shared between multiple machines via Dropbox, in an encrypted folder managed by Boxcryptor. Yes. Yes, I realize this is wacky. What can I say, I don't want my journals and notebooks available unencrypted on a cloud service.
Anywhoo -
I have multiple notebooks, and one of them is not 'editable' on one machine.
Other notebooks are editable on this machine.
This notebook is editable on other machines.
It's only one notebook, on one machine.
Symptom: "Notebook Editable" is greyed out, as is New Page, New Sub Page, etc.
I've done a few hours of digging on the internet:
- Read only is not set
- There are no files with non-text character in the notebook folder anywhere
- The notebook is not open on any of the other machines
- I rebuild the index using the command line
- I deleted the .zim folder and rebuilt it (opened Zim again)
- I looked in the AppData/Roaming/Zim/Config files, all looks good
I'm out of ideas. Is there a log file I can see somewhere that shows why Zim thinks a notebook is not editable, and won't let me make it editable?

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