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Re: 0.66 was pushed to my machine


Hi Jaap,

thanks a lot for the kind answer!
Don't get me wrong: With all these little this-and-that's, Zim is simply
Let alone the verbatim storage in text files and the serverless setup. In
fact these both are the reason why I have chosen to use Zim strategically
for each and every note I take, image set I want to comment and archive,
even to keep my personal document file: There is no lock-in to some strange
data format which tomorrow can cease to exist.
I even restrain from upgrading my corporate MacBook to Sierra because I
heard there are issues with Zim.

Regarding the testing:
Now that zim is maintained in GitHub, I would happliy vounteer to do a
manual test with my personal workflow before new releases. You even could
employ a dev branch that can be merged to produce a release to support
close test cycles.
I admit that my workflow is a bit biased towards image archiving (off the
Notebook's folder to allow SCM for that one) and automatic generation,
manipulation and tree movement of pages from scraped web content – but
maybe this will complement other tester's workflows.

(And, regarding the background spawning, I had to learn that I now at least
see quite error messages and would be able to report them. Do you plan to
switch to GitHub issues for error messages? – Would be fantastic because
they work like a charm.)

Again: Thanks for caring!

2017-05-01 8:52 GMT+02:00 Jaap Karssenberg <jaap.karssenberg@xxxxxxxxx>:

> Hi Sara,

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